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4 Ways You’re Killing Your Creativity

It has long been said that “content is king”. You don’t want your message to be just another king, do you? You want it to be recognized above all other kings and remembered for the impact it makes in people’s lives. In order to attain this level of success and separate your message and yourself from the herd, you need to understand that creativity is your greatest asset.  Check out these 4 creativity killers that need to be banished from your online kingdom.

1. Corporate life.

Unfortunately, emerging entrepreneurs and side hustlers everywhere are having their creativity suppressed by their day jobs. If you find yourself constrained to a desk all day long, try to at least find times where you can break the monotony and generate a spark of creativity. Go on a walk for lunch, talk to your co-workers about non-work related passions, remotely work from a public location one day a week. Do whatever you can to break up the everyday ritual and your creativity will see a natural boost. 

2. Following others.

If you look around enough at those in your particular industry you will quickly discover that many of them are doing the same exact thing. You see the same website components, the same product offerings, and the same marketing methods. Blindly following others is one of the greatest creativity killers out there. Embrace what makes you different and don’t be afraid to let the world see you for who you are. Approach problems completely differently than others in your industry. Apply attributes from other industries to your own to add a bit of flavor to your message. Going your own route and being different enhance your creativity. 

3. Not disconnecting enough

We live in a hyper-connected world. Everyone is busy and working nonstop to achieve their goals. Your mind needs the opportunity to relax and stretch from time to time. Start spending a portion of your day completely unplugged from the grid—even if it’s just for a fleeting moment in the drive up line while getting coffee. Let your eyes close, take a deep breath, and just give yourself a moment. Your creativity will thank you for the undivided attention and will reward you. 

4. Not listening.

Too many entrepreneurs move forward with blinders on. Too often it is a constant push of their message and one-way selling of their products and services. Take the time to listen more and you might be surprised by the surge in your creativity. You’ll learn new perspectives, understand problems at a deeper level, and gain a true appreciation for the wonder of the world spinning around you. Look for opportunities to learn and soak up knowledge and experience from others. Expanding your mind by simply listening more allows you to pull information and inspiration when your creativity needs it the most. 

At the end of the day, you need to somehow separate yourself and your message from the thousands of other entrepreneurs in your space. Use these tools to make your content the king of cyberspace. Ready to lead that kingdom to the top? Join EXIT Realty Massachusetts and use your creativity to launch an office of excellent agents. EXIT Realty Massachusetts will give you every tool and resource necessary to be successful. Spend just 30 minutes to learn more and get started today!




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