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9 Habits To Help You Learn Faster










The world is constantly changing as a result of advances in technology, science, and innovation. What was considered hot or trending a year ago may no longer be relevant today. Despite all the good that change can bring, you have to keep up or get left behind. One of the best ways to stay competitive is to train yourself to quickly learn new skills. Here are 8 habits to incorporate into your learning to help you absorb and retain new material twice as fast.

1. Speed reading.

The average reader reads at approximately 200 to 400 words per minute. The expert speed-reader can do read 1,000 to 1,700 words per minute. It’s no surprise that there’s tremendous value in being able to read quickly and efficiently. Speed reading encompasses skills such as chunking (reading groups of words instead of one word by one word), minimizing subvocalization (reducing the habit of saying the words in your head as your read), skimming (reading through a paragraph quickly to look for important and related information), and meta-guiding (using a tool such as a pen to guide your eyes in your reading). Speed-reading requires practice but once you instill the skill as a habit, you will be able to get through much more information in a shorter amount of time.

2. Control your learning environment.

Have you noticed that there are times in the day when you are in the groove and learning seems easy but then there are other times when nothing is sinking in and it feels like you are fighting an uphill battle? We all have biological rhythms for our sleep, body temperature and even peak mental state. Figure out when you are most alert and aware and use that time to do your learning. To put yourself in an optimum-learning mode, choose a safe, reasonably organized, and comfortable environment. Take deep breaths to help you relax and focus.

3. Take notes.

Taking notes helps our brains to analyze and comprehend the information that we are learning. The very act of writing makes our brains think that we are undergoing a mini-rehearsal with the information. To increase your learning speed, try to develop the habit of making hand-written notes. Check out tools like Evernote to sync all notes across all devices. It can even scan and read written notes and keep track of audio notes. This gives you confidence that you’ll never misplace an important note no matter how you choose to create it.

4. Combine all learning modalities.

All of us have preferred learning modalities: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. If you are a visual person, you will find learning a lot easier if you see the new material presented visually, such as through pictures, diagrams, or PowerPoint. If you learn best by listening, then you will love podcasts, interviews, and audiobooks. Those with a reading or writing modality learn best when they can read the information and write down notes. If you are kinesthetically inclined, you learn better when you can use your hands and physically touch or try something out for yourself. By understanding what your preferred way of learning is, you can speed up your absorption of information by choosing a learning system that works for you.

5. Create mental associations.

You can shorten your learning time by creating mental associations to link what you already know to new information. Techniques such as using a familiar acronym or rhyme to help you remember different types of marketing sequences, using favorite colors to help you remember algorithms, or visualizing something interesting about a client to help you remember their name are all ways for you to create mental associations. The more mental association techniques you know how to employ, the easier it will be for you to increase your learning speed.

6. Exercise your brain.

A brain is just like any muscle in your body—the more you exercise it, the more effective it becomes. Try learning something new, set yourself a new challenge or use fun brain training games like BrainHQ and Lumosity to increase your attention, memory, cognitive abilities, and brain speed. The more you train and exercise your brain, the faster your learning will be.

7. Get hands-on experience.

Nothing beats learning like actual hands-on experience. Textbook knowledge transforms into something much more useful when we can combine it with practical knowledge. For example, you can read as much as you want about share investing but until you actually buy your first shares of stock, you won’t understand what the process actually entails and what it is like to put real money on the line.

8. Teach someone else what you are learning.

When you teach someone else what you are learning, you retain 90% of what you have just learned, especially if you do it immediately after learning it yourself. By sharing your knowledge with someone else, not only are you helping someone else but you will also discover quickly how well you know your subject and discover any gaps.

Build these 8 habits into your learning and you will be amazed how quickly your learning speed will increase! Use these habits and your increased knowledge to lead a team of agents to great success in real estate. Spend just 30 minutes to learn how to get started as an EXIT Realty Massachusetts franchise owner. Bring your entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and ability to learn quickly, and we’ll arm you with every tool necessary to become a successful business owner. 




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